Reflexology combined with calming modalities
to help relieve tension & improve circulation

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Hands-on techniques and mindful guided practices will create a fun, calming spa-like treatment that is unique for you. You will be gifted with a hand-picked basalt beach stone from Vancouver Island that you can use to massage your hands, feet and face. Basalt is cosmic rock found on Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Asteroids. Individuals often report feeling a weightlessness effect after their treatments.

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Reflexology is an ancient healing art shared by many cultures that is used to help move the body into homeostasis (parasympathetic mode), allowing for de-stressing and rejuvenation. Through the application of pressure to reflexes, reflexology can: relieve tension, improve circulation and support the body’s efforts to function optimally. Combine a foot and ear treatment to further target pain and stress relief. Need to know more? Please visit the resources page to read studies about reflexology for stress and pain management.

Foot Reflexology – $75.00

Foot reflexology – 1-1.5 h full therapeutic foot sequence to relieve tension and improve circulation. Facilitated by Maria

Ear Reflexology – $35.00

Auricular therapy – 30 mins soothing ear massage followed by ear seeding to target pain and stress. Facilitated by Maria

“I depend on reflexology to help me recover from my job as a letter carrier, where I walk 30 km a day. After a session with Maria, I feel destressed, energized and my feet feel amazing. These benefits are felt for days to come, making a big difference in my overall wellbeing, endurance and performance”

– Markus Peronino –
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