Reflexology for Edema

Aside from having a full foot reflexology treatment, here is something that can be tried by applying pressure to the hands for reducing Edema symptoms of swelling. I have done my best to cover the key reflex areas emphasized for dealing with Edema which include the following: endocrine, cardiovascular, immune & lymphatic, nervous and urinary systems. Work on both hands.

The large zig zag or mountain areas represents the lung, chest, breast and rib areas, the palm centre star is the solar plexus, the hearts represent the heart, and the lighting bolt represents the hypothalamus. When it comes to the thumbs, try to press the star in the centre of the thumb pad (pituitary). The arrow means to follow the motion down from the large circle (kidney) to the smaller circle (bladder). Stars on the back of the hand represent lymphatic reflexes while the circle at the tip of thumb the pineal gland.

Should you run into a tender area, you can go over that spot more times to see if the soreness reduces. Happy reflexing! Please leave a comment below to share your experience. I am eager to know!

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Disclaimer: Reflexology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat for specific conditions. Always seek proper medical attention should you suspect you have a medical problem. Reflexology is not a replacement for medical treatment.